Bre + Dave

oxford, england



Laura is so, so amazing and incredible! We're so thankful she joined us in our European wedding festivities; she was an irreplaceable element of our cherished adventures and we'd choose to work with her again and again (and again)!

We’re so grateful for Laura because she did so much for our planning (she absolutely did), or she helped us all feel AMAZING (that’s ingrained in her), or even how she was THE most memorable part of a destination wedding for so many of our beloved guests of all ages and backgrounds. She’s all this by sheer force of ability and personality, augmented by a deep and beautiful thoughtfulness, sincerity, and of course, talent.

But also turning it around to look at Laura for a moment--For all of her successes, her extraordinary body of work, and how everyone who knows her or has chatted with her even once is so appreciative of her and how she makes them feel, whether individually or in a group. And you know it could be all about her, like literally her social media, her branding, her recognitions, all of it— but she turns all of that around and puts all of the focus and attention and care towards you! And you just know that she really feels the sheer gravity of this special moment for you and your partner and all of your loved ones. And I think that is truly so, so unique and special. And it truly shows- in her preparedness, in her deep and authentic understanding, and of course, shining so brightly through the outcome, her gorgeous work.

And so, I think in working with Laura Wills Photography you’re investing in really good memories like your literal memories as your wedding day exactly unfolds, and in jaw dropping photos your kids and their kids will so cherish. But you’re also investing in SUCH a powerful positive energy, a genuine heartfelt connection, and an incredible springboard at such a formative time, of all of the traits Laura shines with: gratitude and appreciation, outreach, reliability, honed skillsets, listening, laughter, the extra mile always... all examples of reasons we were so privileged to work with Laura and so grateful she could join us in Oxford and Paris--and why we're so eager and excited to work with her again in the future!

"The experience we had with Laura AND her coming abroad with us would not had happened or been the same with anyone else as our photographer (full stop)."

Laura was hands down one of the best investments we made towards our wedding day! Through each step of the experience, Laura exceeded our expectations (even after raving reviews we’d heard prior). On top of that, her organization, planning and communication from the start helped us capture (many) parts of the day we hadn’t even thought of. The experience carries way beyond ours as a couple- our families could not have better things to say about Laura’s craft, professionalism and character. We now have the most wonderful photos of our wedding and our families hanging around our new home because of her and we’re so thankful to reminisce on the day so often.

Laura made us feel so comfortable that each photoshoot felt like a walk in the park- her amazing photos of each session are proof! By the time of our wedding Laura was a true guest and, as our photographer, her ability to make everyone feel comfortable helped perfectly capture the happiness and joy of everyone in our photos.

Laura Wills is a brilliant photographer! If you see her website, it’s apparent that no one photo gallery looks the same and her eye for scenery and background will give you some of the most unique and jaw-dropping images you could possibly imagine! Not to mention the drone overlooking our wedding ceremony… a walk by the Eiffel tower… Oxford’s Christ Church… picnic at Luxembourg Gardens? The experience we had with Laura AND her coming abroad with us would not had happened or been the same with anyone else as our photographer (full stop).

There are so many creative things that Laura did that were simply amazing (see above)- however, something we placed value on and did not expect was how fast and often Laura gave us looks at our photographs after each and every session. It’s a great feeling to have photos in hand so quickly.

Laura took such good care of my wife Bre. I loved her philosophy as she explained the morning of the wedding as “a few shots of the groom and then I stick to the bride!” Laura’s positive energy helped Bre feel the best on her wedding day and giving off those good vibes is a true strength of Laura’s.

Everyone should know how incredible the experience of working with Laura is! They should know her creativity. They should know the benefits of having her along for travel… it was such a joy having Laura as part of our engagement, wedding, and post-wedding experience and we’re so happy looking back.


from the groom