Let’s Talk Camera Gear | What I Bring on Wedding Days

Wedding season is here and I wanted to share a  behind-the-scenes look into my favorite gear and what I bring to every wedding. From the essential cameras and lenses to the underrated accessories and those tiny must-haves you never knew you needed—this blog post is your all-access pass to the gear that powers me through wedding days. Complete with handy Amazon links to all my favorite photography essentials! 

After years of doing this, I’ve realized I have more peace of mind if I can get all of my camera batteries charged + all of my camera bodies / lenses packed up on Thursday night. I’ll charge at least 6 camera batteries + my rechargeable AAs. I’ll clean my lenses (don’t sleep on these to-go lens wipes) + think through what lenses I’ll need on a wedding day and pack those in my main bag along with my film camera, Polaroid camera, flashes and extra batteries.

Granted, my main body is the Canon R6 and the 28-70mm f/2 never leaves it, I always have a second camera to use during the ceremony where I may want a bit more reach – the 135mm or 70-200mm will typically do the trick! 

Overflow lenses and chargers, lighting accessories, and my detail kit (these acrylic blocks are great for flat lays) go in a separate bag that may live in my car on a wedding day or sit out of the way if the wedding is all in one place. Another thing I do is I hide an airtag in my various camera bags so I always know where they are…I don’t mean to toot my own horn but this might be my best idea yet.

It’s WAY better on my back if I’m not actually carrying that giant backpack around all day. Honestly, the R6 is fairly compact but the 28-70mm is noooo joke and carrying it around all day is the best workout ever. SO a crossbody is my BFF. My sister-in-law gifted me my favorite one because she’s so cute and fashionable but what she didn’t know is that it fits all of my must haves on a wedding day! That includes all favorite snacks, extra camera batteries, my SD card hardcase (another underrated fav), credit cards/ID, keys, and a slot that remains unzipped on the back for easy access to my phone. I always keep my SD cards on my person and when I pop them out at the end of the event, they go right into the hard case and into the crossbody that never leaves my side. 

Full Gear List
– My fav backpack (and I’ve tried many)
– My fav large crossbody